SHOT OR NOT: It’s Called “The Walking Dead,” Not “The Drinking Dead.”

walking dead

And for good reason.

The Walking Dead is easily one of my favorite shows on television, which is exactly why I would hate to watch it drunk. Regardless of whether or not you think there’s a chance in hell that a zombie apocalypse would happen, everyone wonders what it would be like. What they would do. And don’t even try to pull the whole “zombies are overdone” argument on me. If they were so overdone there’s no way this show, or recent zombie movies, would be as crazy popular as they are (Warm Bodies got an 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

This show provides an incredibly vivid and relatively realistic about what fighting your way through the zombie apocalypse must actually be like. The waning morality. The constant running. The feeling of hopelessness. The need to survive. All of the emotions, all of the conflicts would be lost on me if I was intoxicated while watching this show. After a few drinks my attention span drops down into the negatives and I can hardly make it through a half-hour show. And Walking Dead is definitely not a show you can willingly walk away from halfway through.

zombiesScience has proven that when you drink, your reflexes and reactions are slower. But there are plenty of action-packed, zombie-fighting scenes in The Walking Dead, ones you wouldn’t want to miss because your brain wasn’t quite there for these intense moments. You don’t want to be bothering your friends with “What’s going on?” or “Wait, what just happened?” because, trust me, they don’t want to hear you speak because they’re intently watching the show. Or if, God forbid, you’re alone, that’s it. You’re screwed. Might as well turn of the television. You missed all the action because you were wasted when you decided to sit down and watch the top-rated show on television.

The worst part about watching The Walking Dead drunk, is that if you aren’t blackout, then you spoiled the entire episode for your sober self. Choosing to watch this show drunk means you’ve made the conscious promise to your sober self that you will re-watch it again when you’re no longer under the influence, so you can fully enjoy the story arch, the characters’ emotional and moral dilemmas, and every twist and turn along the way. But if you don’t happen to black out while you’re watching, you’ll wake up the next morning vaguely remembering the key plots points, while blanking on the details that make watching television fun. You’ll remember the episode’s big reveal, but not the points leading up to it. You’ll remember a character dying (or surviving), but not the expression on his or her face during the pivotal moment. Any and all dialogue will be lost on you. You’ll only know the gist of it.

So. Thinking about watching The Walking Dead drunk?


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