How I Met Your AA Sponsor


How I Met Your Mother is famous for its depiction of 5 friends slowly falling into alcoholism. Well, not really, but most of the series is shot in a bar. Thus, HIMYM probably lends itself really well to drinking along with the gang.

While this is true, there is one episode in particular that just begs the audience to play a drinking game. Literally.

In Season 5’s episode, “Jenkins”, all of the students in Ted’s architecture class come to class hungover. When Ted asks them why, they tell him that there’s a new fad where you watch the local morning news and drink every time Robin, the anchor, says “But… um…” as her filler words. The joke is that she’s making the onomatopoeia for banging on drums when someone tells a joke (ba-dum-chick). She does this so often that college kids started to realize that they could watch her and drink every time she says but, um, and get drunk rather quickly.

Now, while this game would be fun to actually play if we really were watching Robin do the morning news, HIMYM unfortunately throws in a montage of Robin saying ‘but, um,’ rendering our ability to play along impossible. For you see, trying to drink every time Robin says ‘but, um,’ in the episode would be like actually trying to take a shot every time LMFAO screams “Shots!” in their, aptly titled, song “Shots” (featuring Lil’ Jon).

With that said, How I Met Your Mother does a great job of depicting drinking culture for adults in their late 20s to early 30s. While the gang is almost constantly seen drinking, they never really get too drunk; that is, unless it’s after 2am. In fact, except for that one time on Robin’s door mat, Ted has even been vomit free since ’93.

So, if you do ever want to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother and drink along, maybe skip “Jenkins”, but otherwise, have a blast.


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