KIDDIE CORNER: It’s No Clue that “Blue’s Clues” is the Best Show to Watch Drunk


I’ll be honest. I probably haven’t watched Blues Clues in fifteen years. But watching it now, slightly under the influence, I’m realizing that not only is it as great as I remember, it’s better.

Immediately, you realize that the fourth wall is shattered. Your drunk senses, combined with your four years of communication/film school, pick up immediately on the fact that not only is Steve just blatantly on a green screen the entire time he’s taping the show, he’s also not even walking. He’s literally just walking in place.

When you’re drunk watching Blue’s Clues, you tend to realize everything about the show, the acting, the script, etc. contains things you didn’t notice as a child. You never stopped to ask yourself how Steve interacted with Salt and Pepper or Shovel and Pail, because you didn’t know he was on a green screen, and therefore, acting opposite nothing.

The absolute best thing about watching Blue’s Clues drunk (and when you’re older) is that you have forgotten everything about the show in the past fifteen years. You forgot about how the show works. You forgot the concept of “skidoo.” You forgot about the jazz hands that accompany a newly-discovered clue. All of these things come flooding back to you in a pleasantly drunk surprise.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the puns. Steve is a lot funnier than you remember. And that alone is the sole reason to chug two margaritas and turn on Blue’s Clues.


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