What is… Alcohol, Alex? – The Jeopardy Drinking Game


Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Especially when there’s alcohol involved. Make your daily dose of Jeopardy more interactive with this little game. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t play along to Jeopardy from their couch anyway?


-If you’re the first person to shout out an answer, you assign one drink.
Note: You don’t take a drink for wrong guesses; that would get you drunk too fast.

-If you boast about how well you know an answer, however, and are actually wrong, then you do have to take a drink.

-If a player goes into the red, anyone wearing red has to take a drink.

-If a player makes it a true daily double, everybody drinks!

-If Alex clearly doesn’t care about someone’s fun fact, the first person to sing Oh Canada assigns 3 drinks, one for each player.

-If you sweep an entire column of answers, immediately grab a beer and make someone in the room chug it.

-If a player forgets to say What is… before their answer, the first person to raise their hand gives out 2 drinks.

-During the last commercial break before Final Jeopardy, but after Alex shows you the clue to the final answer, everyone has to say what they think the answer will be. For instance, if the category is 19th Century Beer, and you guess the answer will be PBR, and then it actually is the answer after the question is read, you get to make a tally on the nearest window/mirror/fridge, and take a swig of the most expensive alcohol in the house.

-During Final Jeopardy, everybody wagers how much they think the players are going to wager, (since playing the actual game is too hard.) Whoever gets the closest gets to take a huge sip from everyone else’s drinks.

-However, if you are able to answer final jeopardy, everyone has to give you a dollar, because you’re a genius.


The Jeopardy game I’ve concocted is more than simply drinking whenever you get a question wrong. That’s the basic way to play. My game requires much more attention, trivia knowledge, and scheming. People will still drink because there are inevitably always going to be at least 20 easy answers on every Jeopardy board, but knowing the answers to the more tricky questions will get you and your friends drunker (I never said you couldn’t assign the drink to yourself).

Lastly, the tally board keeps the game lasting longer than just one night, because you and your friends will want to come back to settle the score and see who really is the best What Is… Alcohol, Alex player.

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