SHOT OR NOT: If You’re Not on Peter’s Level, Don’t Bother with his “Family”


It’s offensive. It’s cheap. It’s crude. It’s Family Guy. And at one point it was hilarious.

But after 12 seasons, the same, tired Helen Keller joke can only go so far. Celebrity impersonations become sort of a stretch. And so help me if I see one more chicken fight scene.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Seth MacFarlane. I’m part of the 1% who found him to be nothing but hilarious when he hosted last year’s Oscars. But even he has to know the show is shit now.

But there is one thing that could make it tolerable: copious amounts of alcohol. The show’s main character, Peter Griffin, practically has beer in his blood stream. I’ve realized now that he’s simply leading by example. When you’re wasted – and I mean stumbling, slurring, seeing double, the whole nine yards – your reflexes aren’t the only things impaired. Your ability to distinguish between things that are and are not funny pretty much disintegrates.

If you were a Family Guy fan from its earlier, funnier days, you’ve probably given up completely and don’t even watch anymore. But fear not, my Family friend. Looking for a laugh? Just add alcohol. I mean, is there any other way to cope with Brian’s death? And also the predictability of his resurrection?

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