Would You Like Wine With That? – Bob’s Burger’s Drinking Game


One of the funniest shows on the air right now is on FOX’s Animation Domination. Yes, you read that right. But before you panic, I’m not talking about The Simpsons or Family Guy. I’m talking about a different dysfunctional family: The Belchers. Bob’s Burgers has very few episodes that aren’t well done (in true Bob fashion, that pun was intended). So, I figured I’d enhance the experience with a little game and see if I end up drinking more like Bob or Linda.



–       when he makes a pun

–       when he doesn’t want to do something






–       when she says her trademark “alright”

–       when she sings





–       when she is objectifying a boy

–       when she makes her trademark groan or ha noise





–       when he makes a joke that’s too inappropriate for normal boys his age to understand

–       when he makes a sound effect on his keyboard





–       when she screams

–       when she convinces someone to do what she wants




Overall Rule

–       chug through any song, regardless of who is singing


For this game, I figured I’d switch it up and steer clear of two of my favorite episodes “Presto-Tina-o” (which, as a Tina-centric episode, is chock-full of groans and Jimmy Jr. objectification) and “Topsy” (which I know has two and a half musical numbers and would knock me on my ass even drinking something as weak as Mike’s Hard Lemonade). Instead, I chose to watch “Slumber Party.”

Unlike other episodes, I’d only seen it once, and remember it being funny. I wasn’t wrong; it was hysterical the second time too. I just had forgotten that the episode consisted mostly of Louise and Linda. So, the rules were strong for those two characters (despite the fact that Linda didn’t actually sing), but fell a little flat for the other characters. Gene and Tina each had fantastic one-liners, but none were about boys or phrased inappropriately. Further, Bob didn’t make any puns – though he complimented Tina on hers – but he definitely didn’t want to drive each of the girls home from the party as Louise manipulated them into leaving one by one. The more effective rules will change from episode to episode, but rarely will this game induce a head-splitting hangover (“Topsy” excluded).

Drunk-o-meter: You’ll never get wasted, but the show’s so good it’s probably for the best.

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