KIDDIE CORNER: Swiper No Swiping When Dora’s Drinking


I thought this would be the best idea I’ve ever had. I mean, I pity the 22-year-old who hasn’t thought to watch Dora the Explorer drunk. Not only does it revive your childhood from the depths of your subconscious, but it gets you really excited and into the games that are far too easy for even a toddler. I was so pumped for this. I downed a Four Loko, turned on my laptop and found a YouTube video for a full episode of Dora. I didn’t care which one. Any one would do. But I was not ready for what I got.

It was the Spanish version.

I was terrified that I couldn’t understand a thing, yet also really intrigued by the idea of watching the show in a foreign language. While this seemed to throw a wrench in the middle of everything I was trying to accomplish for this post, it suddenly added a whole new level to complexity. A new experience to write about. But mostly, Drunk Sam was too lazy to try and find an English version. So, Spanish it was.

I spent the entire opening yelling “IT’S IN SPANISH!” because it took until Swiper dejectedly stopped swiping at the end of the theme song (at least, I think that’s what happened) for it to truly sink in that the entire show was going to be in Spanish. When I finally calmed down, I turned on the focus. I hunched forward, squinted at the screen, and wracked my brain for any word I could pick up that even sounded remotely familiar from high school Spanish class. One the rare occasion I did hear a word I recognized, I held on to that word and did not let it go until I finally remembered the translation. Then, a small piece of the puzzle would fall into place, only to reveal how many more pieces were missing.

The most terrifying part was when Dora would ask the viewers a question. Not once did I know what she was asking, so I had no idea what to suggest. Drunk Sam was also tempted to offer up suggestions in Spanish, but considering my fluency stops at “I need to use the bathroom,” that possibility was out. However, it was enlightening. I realized I had expected this game to be easy, even though I would be playing under the influence, and now I couldn’t even bring myself to attempt to participate. I was lost, confused, and the game was hard. But that was refreshing.

Bottom line, I may not have known how Dora saved the day, but she did. And I would do it all again (preferably in English next time).


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