Flask Failure: True American

true american

Bingers, I have failed you. I swore to you, and myself, that I would play True American before the semester was over. But I have failed.

HOWEVER. I’d like to point out it’s not entirely my fault. Mentally and emotionally, everything is there. I want need to play this game. But logistically, I just can’t. There is no room big enough. There is not enough stable furniture for the lava floor component. We still aren’t entirely sure of all the rules. But most importantly, you can – and will – get an alcohol violation for playing a drinking game on campus, even if you are of legal drinking age. It’s interesting, because I wasn’t aware of this rule until I got busted for beer pong this semester. I got off with a warning, but I didn’t want to risk anything only days from my last college class ever.

It pains me to say that I don’t see True American happening in the near future. I may have (almost) secured an apartment for May 1st – where I’m free to live (and drink) by my own rules – but I have no furniture and probably won’t have any furniture for at least a week after I move in.

Until next time, Bingers. Until next time.


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