My name is Sam Howell. I’m your typical 21-year-old college student, which basically means I like to drink, I like to watch television, and I’m in total denial about turning 22. This blog focuses on two of those things.

It’s easy to look at this blog and think “Oh, a college student blogging about alcohol and TV? That’s just using homework as an excuse to drink.” And maybe those people aren’t entirely wrong, but Binging is so much more than that.

There are so few people in this world who don’t watch television and who don’t drink alcohol. Since most people are often busy during the week with work, school or both, when we do either of these things, it is usually to excess (aka “binging”). So, I consider Binging to be a service blog of sorts: combining drinking and watching television to consolidate your binging and therefore maximizing efficiency. This is the one-stop-shop for everyone who loves to drink and loves to watch TV by combining the two, telling you which shows are perfect for drinking games, which ones aren’t, and which shows are either enhanced or made worse by alcohol consumption.

And to address my teacher’s genuine concern for my liver, not every post will require alcohol consumption. Some games will be based on ones I’ve played in the past (and therefore won’t need to recreate) and I’ll also be talking about the way in which drinking is portrayed in television.

You’re welcome.


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